Criminal Justice / IMPACT Program

The IMPACT (Illness Management Program of Anderson County, Tennessee) program is specific to Anderson County, TN. It is funded by a Recovery Act grant through the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs. Services are provided at all levels of the criminal justice process from arrest to probation. These services include early identification, diversion, continuity of care while incarcerated, consultation with the courts regarding a course of action, discharge planning, outcome monitoring and mental health training and education.

In addition, Criminal Justice Liaison staff are covering very similar needs for 7 counties including Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Roane, Scott, and Union County, TN. These staffs are coordinating the two systems of Mental Health and Criminal Justice together in efforts to help the mentally ill.

For an initial face-to-face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076.