Forensic Services

The Forensic Services program provides court-ordered evaluations for adult and juvenile defendants in our five-county area (Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties). A state-certified forensic psychologist conducts the evaluations to determine the defendant's competency to stand trial and/or mental condition at the time of the alleged offense.

Additional mental health assessments, including IQ testing, malingering assessments, and dementia screenings, are conducted as needed to assist in the determination of the defendant's competency to stand trial. Defendants with a diagnosis of Mental Retardation may be referred to a state mental retardation specialist for further evaluation.

Juvenile forensic evaluations address not only issues of competency to stand trial and mental condition at the time of the alleged offense, but also provide extensive treatment recommendations and appropriate treatment referrals. If any of the questions posed by the court order cannot be determined through the outpatient forensic evaluation, a recommendation for referral for inpatient evaluation is made to the court.

Court representatives needing to fax court orders, use fax # 865-882-8650.